Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy happy new year to you!

I really loved 2012. There were so many good things in it. It was a friend. The Lord blessed me so, so much during the year. I think that's a reason to celebrate. So let's hear it for 2013! May the Lord bless you and your families this year! Whoo hoo!


Abby :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Caught Up

This year, the Christmas season has been busy. What with parties and presents and going ice skating and winter birthdays, I just haven't had time to blog. I hope you don't mind. After all, I think everyone's busy this time of year; busy with their own families and friends, just enjoying their busyness and the festivities. I'm caught up in all the blessings of this month. I really, really like this season. It's one of my favorites. May God bless you and your families as you celebrate God's love and our Savior's birth. Make sure you take some time to remember the greatest Gift of all.

Oh, and I'm going to keep blogging, if rather sporadically. Have the best of holidays! :)

Your busy blogger,

Abby :D