Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 years of blogging photo contest...

Time for another photo contest! This one is in celebration of two years of blogging. (well, yes, that was a couple of weeks ago, but I can celebrate now, right?) Two years of my life are cataloged on this blog. :)

So, here are the rules!

1. Theme: Beautiful Imperfection. Example?

Dead or dying flowers, home grown vegetables, vintage things.

2. Deadline: August 27- September 10th.

3. You may only enter 1 photo, which must be taken by you.

4. You must include this button, or a link to this post.
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5. Prize: These six hand-painted cake cards. Does not include envelopes. Blank inside.

 Have fun! Can't wait to see your entries!

Friday, August 26, 2011

To cover, or not to cover, that is the question.

First off, I want to remind everyone to pray for all the people being affected by Hurricane Irene. According to, there will be major damage from this hurricane. But, we have to leave it all in God's hands. All we can do is pray!

Head coverings. What a subject! I have been thinking more about wearing one as I get older and closer to God.

I praise you for remembering me in everything and for holding to the traditions just as I passed them on to you. But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head—it is the same as having her head shaved. For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man.  For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. It is for this reason that a woman ought to have authority over her own head, because of the angels. Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God. Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering. If anyone wants to be contentious about this, we have no other practice—nor do the churches of God. 
 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16

Judging from those verses, every Christian woman should be wearing a head covering. But why don't we? Maybe most think it's weird, unnecessary, or that long hair is enough. In the Bible Commentary I read, it said that because woman was made for man, man is the head of woman. Man was made for God, so God is the head of man. If man wears a head covering or long hair, he is dishonoring his head (God). A woman would wear a head covering to show her submission to man, her head. So if she does not wear a covering, she would dishonor her head (man). Thoughts on that?

I'm really not sure of my outlook on head coverings. I'm not totally opposed to it. Maybe I should wear one just for prayer and during the church service. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Grace be with you,
Abby :D

ps. For more insight, I asked the same question on Preparing To Be A Help Meet's website, here. Click to see.
pps. the above picture is from Google images. If it is yours, and you don't want it on here, just comment. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A whole week...

Has it been that long? I haven't posted for a whole week? Sorry everyone... *sheepish smile* I'll probably get into a regular schedule soon. We've been busy, even though we're having a 3-week long break from school. Working on our transcripts, watching little siblings, and making new curtains can do that to you. :) On Mondays, we also have handbell choir! It's so much fun!
Summer is the best time for fruit! I love it all, especially grapes. :)





And grapes! Mmm...

So colorful, and yummy too! What are your favorite summer fruits?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Galatians 5:22-23

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm entering this photo in Kelsey's photo contest. There are some pretty neat prizes. Go enter, quick!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Bead Nest Tutorial

If you have any questions, please comment. Hope you enjoyed!


Hi everyone! I'm back, obviously. It seemed like a long week. Here are some verses I found during the week.

...Worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.
 Hebrews 12:28

We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
2 Corinthians 10:4-6

And I know there was another one about a spirit of thankfulness, but I can't find it now. :) How did y'all did on the challenge, if you did it?

Well, this break has been nice! I hope to be back with more interesting posts later.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Changing the Rules.

After talking it over with my mother, I have decided that books are not media. Therefore, the rules should read:

- We'll read the Bible in place of all media (movies, TV, and computer).
- This challenge will take place from August 7-14, starting on this Sunday.
- You can join any day of the challenge. For instance, if you only want to do it for five days, you can.
-Any necessary media is OK. As are books. So if you need to e-mail or do any schoolwork on the TV or computer, that's OK.

-At the end of the challenge, make a post talking about the experience. Did you like it? Would you like to do it again? What were your favorite verses?

Thank you everyone!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's play tag...

Where's your phone right now?
I don't have a phone.
Do you have any plans for the weekend?


Has someone ever made you a promise and broke it?

I'm sure. But no actual occurrences come to mind. :)

Last movie/DVD watched?

I think it was Singing in the Rain.

Does anything hurt on your body?


How are you?

I'm great. :)

Are you excited for next year?

Sorta, I guess...

Is your room clean?

How many pillows do you sleep with?


What are you doing?

Obvious question?

I bet you miss somebody right now:


What are you planning on doing after this?

 Not sure.

Have you ever read an entire book in one day?


Who did you push last?


Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Define "deep".

Do you own any band t-shirts?

Nope. Never was into any bands.

What does your hair look like right now?

It's in a ponytail. 

Has anyone ever told you that you were their best friend?


Did you get hurt today?


When was the last time you felt upset?

Just a couple of minutes ago.

What are you looking forward to?

Church on Sunday.

Do you currently want something?

Yes, some pretty shirts. :) 

What was the last thing you had to drink?
Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?

Probably my mom or dad.

Where are you?
In the office. Our home office, that is.
Do you like to walk in the rain?

 Depends on how hard it's coming down.

Do you like looking up at the stars?

Not really. But mostly because there aren't many where I live. Typical of Suburbia.

Do you think you are a nice person?

I would like to think so. :) But wouldn't everyone?

Do you like swimming?
Have you ever swam in the ocean?
No. I've been in the ocean, but never swam in it.
Do you go to school?
No, we home school.

Do you want to go to college?
I'm not sure.
What do you want to be?
See previous answer.

Do you want kids?
Yes. Lots and lots.

Do you like going to the beach?
It's OK, I guess, but I don't like the creatures. *shudder*

Who is the last person you went to the mall with?
It's been so long, I don't remember.

Have you ever had any x-rays?
Yes. Dental x-rays mostly.

Who do you hate right now?
No one.

Who is the last person you yelled at?
My brothers.

Who was the last to cook you food?
My mom.

Are you in a complicated relationship?
I suppose all relationships could be called complicated.

What did you do 2 nights ago?
Watched a movie.

Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
One of our mom's friends.

Does a hug make you feel better?

How long ago did you hug someone?

A few minutes ago. We had some friends over.

Anything good happening tomorrow?
Not that I can think of.

Have you kissed more than ten people this year?


Do you have unlimited texting?

Will you keep your last name when you get married?

No. Hey, three 'nos' in a row!

You have to get a piercing, what do you get?
Ear piercing.
Who was the last friend you got into a big argument with?
My sister, sad to say.

Your phone is ringing. It's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
"Wrong number."

Did you have any unread text messages when you woke up today?
Nope. No phone, remember?

Do you want to see somebody right now?
Not particularly.

Do you think two people can last forever?


When was the last time you had a late night phone call?

I don't know. Maybe never.

If you could move somewhere else, would you?

Would you be able to date someone who doesn't make you laugh?
I don't know. Maybe.

Has anyone ever sang to you?
I don't think so.

Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
Sure. But not if you're talking about a spouse.

Is there someone who you can spend every minute with and be happy?

Probably. Haven't found 'em yet, though!

Last person to make you smile?
One of my friends who came over, most likely.

How was last night?

It was fine.

If you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean?
That I'm thinking.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
I don't know.

Do you have trust issues?

Define "trust issues".

Was this a good weekend?

The weekend just started!

Were you happy when you woke up today?

I don't remember. I was tired, though.

I tag:

and You

Happy tagging!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bible Challenge

I thought I'd have a Bible challenge. We should all read more of God's Word. Here are the rules.


- We'll read the Bible in place of all media (books, movies, TV, and computer).
- This challenge will take place from August 7-14, starting on this Sunday.
- You can join any day of the challenge. For instance, if you only want to do it for five days, you can.
-Any necessary media is OK. Like school books or work e-mails. But try to stay off.
-At the end of the challenge, make a post talking about the experience. Did you like it? Would you like to do it again? What were your favorite verses?

What do you think? If you're going to participate, please write a post and include the button to spread the word. If you have any questions, ask below.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Post by Marelle

Hey guys, my name is Marelle Cole, and I am a guest post-er here at His Sparrow! I am good friends with Abby and I'm so glad that I got the chance to do this! I could hardly believe that I won the poetry contest, I typed the poem up on my phone in like, four minutes tops and DID NOT expect to win at all! So thanks so much to the people that voted for me, you guys rock!

So, today I wanted to tell you about how me and Abby came to meet, because it's quite an interesting story! Have any of you guys heard of American Girl? It's a company for young girls that includes an online club that fans can join, and I was SO into American Girl when I was young, so of course I joined! And I am so grateful that I did now because I met lots of nice people there, some that are still real life friends, including Abby! We met when we were both nine on American Girl, and we decided to start writing each other via snail mail, and we became really good friends! Her sister, Maggie, even started writing to my sister, Mina, which was awesome too! So, we had been phoning each other, writing, and emailing, for about four years, when I got the chance to meet her in person on vacation! My family got the chance to stop at her house and we had a blast!

So now, whenever she is in my area, or when I am in hers, we get a chance to hang out, and I am so grateful for it, because Abby is such an awesome, nice person, and I know that God had a plan for us to meet, and it has been such a blessing to my family to know them. So, that's my story, keep reading Abby's blog, and if you would like to visit me, I would greatly appreciate it, visit my blog here if you would like to stop by, feel free! Have a great day!

-Marelle <3