Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Dance

It was a really fun dance! The theme was black and white. We got our outfits at Belk the day of the dance and our mom did our hair.

Also, when my dress came home, the security tag was still on the dress and we couldn't take it off. So, right before we went, we had to go back to Belk. The woman couldn't get it off either, so then I had to get another dress. :p

Grace be with you,



•Karis Brown• said...

I've never actually seen ya till now! You're all so pretty!

I love father daughter dances!

Marelle said...

aww you guys look so cute! love the dresses! say hi to your family for me!


Marelle said...

I finally learned how to put a pic on my profile, I'm so dumb, lol!