Friday, October 28, 2011


Were you expecting a boring "I'm-still-alive" post when you clicked on this link? Well, too bad. I'm sure you're disappointed to know that it won't be that sort of post. :)
I spent my (mostly) week-long blogging break at the beach. Hilton Head Island has a great one. It was real, real fun. We rented bikes and rode them to and fro, up and down, in and out. You don't know how powerful you feel zooming down the beach on a bike until you try it. 

Just a glimpse of how truly lovely it was there. I don't see how you could doubt God's majesty while looking at the ocean.

A cute bird, one of the many seagulls we saw there. They're much cuter in person. :)
It was a good vacation, with lots of Oreos and peanut butter Cap'n Crunch cereal, which is the epitome of vacation for us.
And now for a list, because lists make any post better, right?

~Unusual Things to be Thankful For~ a list
  • for washing the dishes, because that means you have food to put on them.
  • for vacuuming, because you have a house to vacuum. 
  • for schoolwork, because that means you are able to get an education.
  • for annoying little siblings, because that means you can build patience.
  • for laundry, because it means you have clothes to wear. 
  • for a bed to make, because that means you have somewhere to sleep. 
  • for gloomy days, because you have something to compare the sunny ones to. 
  With that, I will leave you, to the sadness of all who read this blog. :( 

*weeping and mourning* 
*sighing and sadness*

Don't cry! I'll be back soon! 
Bye bye...

*photo credits to my sister Leah*


Leah said...

Oh, Ab.

I am so glad to have you as a sister.
I always enjoy reading your blog. You're so clever and funny, yet tasteful and creative.

Riding bikes. So much fun. Memories to treasure always. Expect for my clumsiness.
Will I ever learn not to run into people?
I love you.

Your boring old sis,

Gabrielle Avery said...

Your posts are so up lifting! I enjoy your blog!

Would you be opposed in taking a look at mine?

Shelley said...

Love the list Abby! Especially the last bullet point! :) Great post!

Marelle said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation!

I love bike riding!

I missed reading your blog while you were gone! Glad to see you back(: