Saturday, June 23, 2012

Please read this, even though there aren't any pictures!

 This entry was written in my art journal less than a week ago:

"It has been rather a sunny, hot, lazy sort of day in which I have felt neither productive nor energetic. The former I have unfortunately not felt in a while, whereas the latter has only recently been escaping me. Perhaps the secret to the qualities I lack lies in a few well-written to-do lists? They never helped in the past, however I shall try again and make the best of the results..."

Truly, these feelings are still with me at this present date. Why they do not cease to exist is beyond my feeble imaginings, but I have not yet tried the merits of that reputable thing known as the to-do list. Perhaps that will help. Have any of you tried it yet? And what thing do you use to get rid of the well-known unproductive blahs?

Anyhow, you're prob`ly wondering what provoked the peculiar language up there. Well, you wouldn't if you knew how many classics we've been reading for school: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, etc. It was quite unavoidable, and plus I love talking that way. :) School for us is still in full swing, but when you're home schooled it's easy to take a small, teensy break to go outside and breath in the hot, muggy air. Ah, the smell of ambrosia and nectar that is Summer! Do you realize that in all my sixteen years of summer, I have never once had a bee sting, or even a wasp one? They are quite abundant in this realm, but Providence has shielded me. Whew. :)
A girl I know got stung by a bee once, and she went ahead and did a whole swim meet after the fact. Some persons have a hardy constitution.
We are planning a baby shower for my aunt. She's having a girl, and I can't wait to see her! It will be my only girl cousin on my mother's side, the side on which I already have five boy cousins. Family reunions are always fun, do not you agree? The theme for the shower is pink and yellow, with lots of pinwheels. It's adorable!! I dare not post pictures, just in case my aunt looks at my blog. (that's a nice phrase. 'Dare not'. Heh heh.)
What are your summer plans? You know, summer only started three days ago (tho' mentally, 'twas two months back). I have not many plans for the summer, except to finish school, a worthy goal, agreed? After I graduate, I believe that I will be a hairdresser. It sounds fun, and I can do it from home. I can cut my children's hair, or get my own salon and go to people's houses to cut their hair, or do it for a favor, etc., etc., the possibilities are endless! You have to be seventeen to get into the school I'm interested in, so it'll still take a while. What is your career choice? Actually, my first one is to be a mother, but I sort of consider that mandatory. I think adopted children are also mandatory. :) I just LOVE children. :)
So if you haven't noticed, I've been talking to you sort of conversationally. What do you think of that style?

Our church is doing a mission trip to Honduras, and the team leaves today. Please pray that they'll have safe travel and that they'll reach as many people as is God's will. Thanks!

Have a wonderful week!

Grace be with you,
Abby :D


Kismint said...

Oooh...bee stings. I gots lots of thems. =)

I have eight boy cousins and one girl cuz (plus one girl who is adopted)...all from the same family. Fun.

I like the Dr. Jekyllish, Oliver Twisty vibe goin' here. However, 'tis hard to keep up with whilst' battling the urge to take a nap...


Shelley said...

I've never been stung by a bee or wasp either and hopefully I never will! :) I think I want to be an engineer when I'm older. Nice post! And yes, I kinda do like the conversation style.

Abby said...

Kismint~ You *should* take a nap. Those are always good. :)

Shelley~ Ooh, an engineer! That sounds fun. What kind?

ps. just wanted you two to know, it really means a lot to me that you guys comment. Thanks.