Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Hold

Ahem... well... I'm so not winning the Blogger of the Year award.

I'm sorry, everyone. But you know, it's summer, and I'm busy. And to tell the truth...

I'm not sure if I want to blog anymore.

There, I said it. I just don't feel inspired. I'm not sure why, but it's really hard to put a post together. I don't like finding pictures for posts, or trying to put together clever sentences so that people will read my blog and follow it. I'm just tired of the popularity contest, the constant thought, "Hey, I should blog this!" and then not feeling like it, and the comment war. I'm just tired of blogging.

Maybe I'll come back someday. But for now, for the rest of this summer, I'm putting it on hold.

Grace be with you, and have a great week,

Abby :D


Leah said...

(Sob) I'll miss you... :(
I'd miss you EVEN more if you weren't my sister and I didn't see you every single day.

Now if that weren't the case I would die from not having an Abby fix. If you didn't make me laugh and cheer me up I'd dry up and blow away.

But since that is not the case I still will miss your clever Abbyish posts. :(

*Insert amazing poem of how I'll miss you and hope you come back very soon*


Rachel's Blog said...

Awww, well too bad!! I totally understand though. Back a few years ago when I started my blog I felt the same thing. The comment war, the "does anybody even read my blog" thing, the pain of putting a post together and not getting any comments...been there! All I can say is that I took a break too. :-)

I've come to see that the majority of people who read my blog don't comment....because they don't even have blogs. So I just stopped worrying about who was reading it and post regardless. You probably have a lot of "silent stalkers" that read but never comment. :-)

Just some advice!

Shelley said...

Hope you have an awesome blogging break Abby! And maybe when you come back, you'll have a renewed energy. I'm gonna miss you until then! :)

thereader said...

come back ;(

Emily Madison said...

I will miss you!!! :( Is that an English Springer??? I have one!! :D