Friday, October 26, 2012


 [insert a beautiful picture of leaves and a bright blue sky]

... Actually, I prefer Autumn. Fall is so undescriptive, or maybe too descriptive. Fall is when all the leaves fall, and when all the crops fall from the plants. Everything is falling. I like Autumn better. This is autumn, red and gold and purple and orange, leaves blowing around you, pumpkins and acorns. Autumn is my favorite season.
The only thing is... it's not cool enough. This is the time when I want to wear sweaters and skirt, knitted hats and boots. All in fall- I mean, autumn- colors. But it's not cool yet! It's still summer!

At least the leaves are changing colors.

Hmmm... have I been busy this week? It's actually kind of hard to tell. We didn't do school the past couple of days, because it's just been too crazy. But the week and a half before was normal. I'm doing writing class once a week, and I'm re-discovering how much I love writing fiction instead of non-fiction. This week we are working on job stuff (resumes, job interviews, and the like).

Here are a few very promising story starters/story ideas that I have come to a total dead end with.

“You don’t like hats?” the tied-up girl asked incredulously, “Whyever not?” The villain shuddered. “I don’t know. Now be quiet. You’re a prisoner, and I was just getting to the best part in my speech.”
“That’s just weird,” the girl mumbled, but she said nothing else out loud.

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl named Gloria. At least, she looked ordinary at first glance. But when you looked deeper, she was very un-ordinary indeed. 

I’ve always been the villain type. Not a villain with any kind of big plans for world domination. At least, not at first. 

I really like them, but I'm at a dead end! I have a hard time finishing stories most of the time. Well, anyways, I must fly. I've got things to do, people to see, places to go. I hope you enjoyed hearing from me. I'm afraid that my posts will be like this until I get back into the blogging habit. 
Grace be with you,

Abby :D 

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Shelley said...

Awesome and fun story starters! Hope your writer's block goes away because I want to know how they all end! :)