Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Thoughts

For one thing, (please forgive me, this may sound crazy) I can't wait until I get my braces!!! I hope that I will be able to pick rubber band colors. If I can, I will probably pick pink and red (Because of Valentine's Day) , or just pink. Pink is my favorite color. :)

I also have a few ideas about valentines this year. Which do you like better, making them yourself or buying them?

A few nights ago, we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a very well made movie. Although some of the songs were not catchy (actually, some of them were kind of weird), most of them were nice. It was a good plot, but I wouldn't recommend it for someone under 12.

My dad e-mailed this cool link to our shared e-mail address. It is about what $1 trillion dollars look like. Click here for the link.

What has been on your mind this week?

Have a good week,



Mattie said...

One Trillion dollars!! :-O That looks so cool! How did he find that website?

Maggie said...

That sounds very crazy! But I forgive you.;) I like making valentines but sometimes it's kind of stressful. $1 trillion dollars is A LOT.


Abby said...

I am not sure. I think that he was just surfing. He does that at work. ;)