Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Have a Severe Case

of Blogger's block. Help! Whenever I sit down to write, I end up staring at this:

And I have no inspiration. Which of these catagories would you like me to post about?

My stories, poems, and other scribblings
Pictures (if you have any preferences of what they should be of, feel free to comment!)
Weekly Outfits  (or monthly, as the case may be)
Insightful and Encouraging posts
Quotes and Verses to grow on
Games and Riddles
Or All of the Above!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Abby :D

(oh yes, and there is a giveaway coming up in the near future, what would you like to see for that?)


Cori said...

I personely like seeing what my blogger friends' styles are, so I would have to go with weekly outfits :D

Crista "Moriah" said...

The first one would be an interesting topic...and like Cori, the outfits would be neat...
and I always love to see picture. :)

In Christ,

Marelle said...

I would have to say... more stories and weekly outfits would be cool! Also, for the give away, I think a photo contest would be cool! Or anything really:D


Kara said...

I think you should post on: outfits, a contest (photography)stories, etc. and drawings.

Has that helped.