Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music tag + other things

 I was tagged by Marelle. Thanks!

1. If you had to pick one favorite genre, what would it be?
I like country/bluegrass. It has a nice beat. :)

2. What is your all-time favorite song? (This may be hard, but try your best to pick only one!)
 Oh! So, so hard! Hmm... I love all the Peasall sisters' songs.(they are a country/bluegrass group) I also like the song Indescribable.♥

3. What's the best concert you ever went to and why?
I've never been to a concert. :O The closest thing I've been to was the Rebelution Conference. It had some pretty loud music.

4. In your opinion, who are the 5 best singers in the world? (In no particular order.)
Well, I don't listen to that much music. So I'm not sure.

5. What's your favorite song that you've heard a million times, but you still can't get enough of?
Hmm... I like a lot of hymns. But there's a lot of songs I've heard that I can't get enough of. :)

6.What singer would you describe yourself to be and sound most like?
 Uh... like I said, I don't listen to much music. :( So I'm really not sure.

I will tag:

Christa Moriah

Hopefully you've listened to more music than I. :)

So, I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. I could say that I was busy (which is true). But that's an old excuse, don't you think? I had a good Valentine's Day. :) I didn't get any flowers or even any valentines. But I didn't mind at all. :) Did you get any?

Today it was a balmy 60 degrees -- it really was balmy, especially for this time of year! It was so pretty out. :)

We've been taking lots of science classes, mostly Biology or genetics. It's been pretty fun, although I seriously doubt I'll be a scientist. :D
How was your week?

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

P.S. My 200th post is coming up. :) And y'all know what that means. 


Marelle said...

Cool, u shud start listening to music, it makes u feel gud, lol;) jk don't listn to m, I'm a music freak and a weirdo, to each his own I guess, haha;)

Erin said...

We like the Peasall Sisters, too! Bluegrass is probably our favorite genre after regular old Christian music :-)