Friday, June 10, 2011



One Winter Night in August by X.J. Kennedy

One winter night in August
While the larks sang in their eggs,
A barefoot boy with shoes on
Stood kneeling on his legs.

At ninety miles an hour
He slowly strolled to town
And parked atop a tower
That had just fallen down.

He asked a kind old policeman
Who bit small boys in half,
"Officer, have you seen my pet
invisible giraffe?"

"Why, sure, I haven't seen him."
The cop smiled with a sneer.
"He was just here tomorrow
And he rushed right back next year.

"Now, boy, come be arrested
For stealing frozen steam!"
And whipping out his pistol,
He carved some hot ice cream.

Just then a pack of dogfish
Who roam the desert snows
Arrived by unicycle
And shook the policeman's toes.

They cried, "Congratulations,
Old dear! Surprise, surprise!
You raced the worst, so you came in first
And you didn't win any prize!"

Then turning to the boyfoot bear,
They yelled, "He's overheard
What we didn't say to the officer!
(We never said one word!)

"Too bad, boy, we must turn you
Into a loathsome toad!
Now shut your ears and listen
We're going to explode!"

But then, with an awful holler
That didn't make a peep,
Our ancient boy (age seven)
Woke up and went to sleep.


Shelley said...

Wow, that was a cool, interesting, and slightly confusing poem! Haha, thanks for sharing Abby! :)

Mina said...

haha:) very whimsical poem:) And the "Scream" painting is cool too.
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