Friday, February 10, 2012

300 posts? Feels more like 300 years (plus Shelley's contest)

Wow. This is my three hundredth post. Hard to believe, ain't it? I am sitting here writing this, pretending to listen to Phantom of the Opera music (as the computer I am sitting at has no speakers). It seems like such a short time since I got this blog. Yet so much of my life has gone into blogging. This year I'll be sixteen (sixteen!) and I feel so incompetent and inadequate, not ready for anything God hands me. But... I will be when the time comes. He doesn't hand me anything that I can't handle, for which I am so grateful. :)

Shelley is having a photo contest to celebrate her 100 followers. The theme is love. And boy, do I love these little guys! They're so delicious! 


{entering this one}

Yummy. Such a lovely color too! 

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

ps. i'm working on a prize for my 300th giveaway. So watch out for it. :)

pps. sorry for the big space. I don't know how it happened and I can't fix it. :P


Marelle said...

Wow, 300 posts. That's a lot!

Great pictures!!!


Shelley said...

Nice photo Abby! Thanks so much for entering! :) And congrats on 300 posts! I'll stay tuned for the giveaway!