Sunday, February 26, 2012

People are healthy and green

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I interviewed my little brothers just for my special readers. I don't know if you'll think (as much as I did) that the answers were funny. They're so cute!

What do mommies do?
Sam: Mommies cook food... and they... feed babies and wash dishes.
Joe: Cook food and take care of babies. And put movies on for children.

What do daddies do?
Sam: Daddies watch Youtube with little boys and eat dessert and exercise and drink milk and eat pancakes. And they work at work.
Joe: Daddies exercise and they... work at work. They... I don't know.

What do sisters do?
Sam: They take care of babies... and they do... and they do.. and they put on TV for boys.
Joe: They don't do anything.

Why did God make people?
Sam: Because then there would be no jobs that would be done.
Joe: Um, I don't know.

What bad thing did Adam and Eve do?
Sam: Ate the fruit.
Joe: Ate the fruit.

Why was it bad?
Sam: Because they were going to die.
Joe: Because... it wasn't fruit to eat.

Why is sin bad?
Sam:You're not supposed to do something that God doesn't tell you you're not supposed to do.
Joe. Because it's broken.

Why did Jesus die on the cross?
Sam: Because He didn't want us to die.
Joe: Um, I don't know.

Where does the food at the grocery store come from?
Sam: From a factory. It goes through pipes and goes to the store.
Joe: It comes from... the factory. In a machine. And goes to... the grocery store.

Why do people need to eat?
Sam: To get healthy and don't die.
Joe: Because... to get healthy and green. People get healthy and green.

What is your favorite dinner?
Sam: Coffee.
Joe: Spaghetti.

What about dessert?
Sam: Marshmallows. Just marshmallows.
Joe: Chocolate chips and -- no, people chow.

What is the yummiest thing to eat?
Sam: Pancakes.
Joe: Pancakes.

What is the most fun thing to do?
Sam: Play outside.
Joe: Playing ball.

What's your favorite game?
Joe: Cars.
Sam: Me too.

Hope you enjoyed!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Mina said...

That is so funny! Little kids are too hilarious! Priceless!


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That's great! :-D