Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Mindlessly Busy Rut: A Rather Rambly Post

I understand why people aren't looking at my blog much anymore. It's because I've gotten boring. Stale, and unpredictable. That makes sense.
I wish I could have everything figured out in life. Where everything fits: Devotions, school, music, tennis. It's hard to balance all of the busy things that we have to do.
"To the left! Right! Too far! Noooooooo....." as you fall into a deep hole of busyness without any productivity. And as you try to sort it out, blogging gets left on the very bottom as I sink into a daze of mindless internet surfing.
 I think it happens to everyone. To me, that's the dreaded curse: Loss of being productive and helpful.
How do I re-balance my stack? I'm not really sure.

But here's my plan.

This idea is from Preparing to Be a Helpmeet.
"Start today going up and down the library aisles and plan to introduce yourself to a new subject each week. Or, if you are computer-oriented, spend your time studying vital subjects rather than idly 'surfing'."
End quote

So that's what I will do, to get myself out of this mindless rut. Is there any subjects that you like that you think would be interesting? I would love it if I could get a list.

Expect to hear about the things I'm learning, as soon as I figure out what to learn.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

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