Thursday, March 29, 2012

a mandolin and its girl

Once there was a girl.

And she decided:

"HEY! Wouldn't it be fun to play the mandolin?"
 {but it was a few months later before her dream impulse came true}

And she got... a mandolin. 

It's so pretty, ain't it?

I believe that this color and style is called 'Starburst'.

Now the girl has lessons on Mondays. She is taught such hard concepts as strumming and tremolo. 

She soon expects to start a band and become an overnight bluegrass star. :)

Grace be with you,

Abby, the girl with the mandolin 


Leah said...

I love your mandolin. I always enjoy listening to you play. I can't wait to fiddle with you soon.
Well, until we meet again. ;-)

Your sister and future band member,

Shelley said...

Well, it did indeed! Very interesting title! :) And beautiful mandolin! I like the name of the style!

Marelle said...

Very pretty pictures! I'd love to hear you play sometime.