Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Treadmill

When doing school, or something that you do every day, it is easy to get discouraged. 

“What’s the point of my doing this well, or even at all? I only have to do it again tomorrow.”

Your life gets stuck in an endless whirlpool of meaninglessness. You feel as if there’s nothing to life, like it’s a treadmill that you are chained to or a hamster wheel that you’re trapped inside of.

But then you think.

“Wait a second, I should be doing everything for the glory of God.”

And then you look.

“Wow, I could do so much better than this! If I’m doing it for God’s glory, then there is a point to life: to please God, and glorify Him forever.” 

Then you look at the world around you, and see so much more than you saw at first glance. Look what God has given you, the One who made you. The One who loves you. The One who had no obligation to you at all. He made you, He can destroy you, He can just snuff you out like a candle. And since He is just, that’s what you and I deserve. What we should get.

But instead… He died for you. 

He DIED for YOU. 

 And that's something worth celebrating, every day! Here are some nice things God gave me today.

Some absolutely delicious cookie dough stuff for dessert//Liking the outfit + hairstyle I had on today//Having fun playing mandolin//Playing tennis out-of-doors//Treasure Island (for school, but it's a really good book)//Getting all my school done relatively early//Making blue cheese salad dressing//Eating dinner salad with said dressing//Playing Trust and Obey on the piano for family worship//

What are some things that you are celebrating today?

Grace be with you, 
Abby :D

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