Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The tickle feather **

Spring is here! Ah, a time of warm winds, daffodils, blossoms, and... snowflakes? It sure has been an interesting season. Winter was so warm, I could practically wear short sleeves, and now that spring is here, I have to bundle up before going outside. Strange weather, for sure.... but maybe no mosquitoes in summer? Maybe they'll all be killed by the cold. *evil laugh* That would be worth braving the cold for.

Here are some of my highlights of March so far.

~Highlights of March~ a list

1. I'm entering an altered book contest at our local library, which means I get to cut up books and turn them into art. Mine's turning out well so far. I like how it looks. Maybe I'll post some pictures when I'm done.

2. Speaking of the library, I got my own library card! Hooray! I know there are lots of people that have library cards, but I'm really excited to check books out with it.
(again speaking of the library, I saw my old tennis teacher there when I was getting my card. I thought that was interesting.)

3. I'm working on a research paper for writing class. We picked a career to research and now we're writing about it. I chose a book editor, because I love finding other people's mistakes. :) just kidding.

4.  Our puppy Honey has a serious biting problem. Ugh. You can't even pet her without feeling little sharp teeth on your hand. Can anyone relate? Have any tips?

Well, that's just about it. Of course Easter is coming up (in March this year!) so I might post then. See ya later!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D 

ps. oh, i nearly forgot! my birthday is in a week! i'll be turning seventeen. :)

** the title of this post is from my little brothers who are playing with a feather. :) 


Kendra Lynne said...

Our weather is supper weird this year too..I hope it gets nice soon. Library cards are the best. And Happy early birthday!!

Abby said...

Kendra Lynne~ I hope it gets nice too. Thanks!