Saturday, March 2, 2013


I felt like sharin' something personal with y'all today. I ain't one of them fancy bloggers who can type up their thoughts real pretty-like, so I decided to share some of my poems! Yep, these are genuwine certified Abby material right here. Enjoy!

This is one I wrote when-- of course-- I wanted some snow. Writing about it's the next best thing, right?


Tiny ice sculptures blow down from the sky
So dainty and fragile, they melt with a sigh
Delicate, lacy, exquisite and light
Each one is different, but all are pure white.

 Please don't judge this one! It was a science assignment for school. :)

The Pituitary Gland

God’s creation is amazing
For so many things we should be praising
There are wonders in this world galore
The butterfly’s wing and the lion’s roar
But even the sunset can’t begin
To wow me if I look within
Every bacterium and cell
Has its special job and place to dwell
There’s a tiny thing called the pituitary gland
Under the brain is where it stands
It sends our hormones to and fro
Tells them what to do and where to go
It keeps our bodies free of strife
And helps us have a better life
Next time you bow and fold your hand
Thank God above for this awesome gland

Did I already share this one? I'm not sure, but anyway...
Black and sleek
Bold not meek
Dusky fur
Growl not purr
Leopard black
Hidden spots
Color dim
Courage lots

This one is about one of my favorite types of cats! I know lots of people think hairless cats are creepy, but I like 'em. :)


Naked but regal, they sit straight and tall.
For the fur lover, their skin will appall.
Wrinkled and darling, their gaze says to you,
“Laugh, but please love me, I will love you, too.”

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

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Leah said...

I LOVE them...And no I am not biased. My favorite is "Panther".

You have a true talent with words.