Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm a complain-y person...

There are some things in the blog world I just cannot stand. *pushes glasses up on nose and looks around the room* That is why I have compiled, after extensive research, a list of my blogging dislikes. (By the way, I've seen this on several blogs and do not mean to copy. I just love to see others dislikes so that I may hereafter make my blog more appealing)

 My Blogging Dislikes ~a highly researched list~
  1. Why postttttt?I hate hate hate it when someone writes a post like this: "Hiiiiiiii everyone just thought id say hi i dont haveeeeeee much to sayyyyyyyyy byeeeeeeeee!" For one thing, the extra letters make the post seem sort of stressed. And another thing is, why post if you don't have anything to say?
  2. Cluttered blog. When you have 450+ blog buttons on your sidebar, it makes things, well, a little distracting. Also, I'd go with a simple design, or at least one that matches your theme. If you have a writing blog, I wouldn't choose a design with pink and purple chihuahuas
  3. Annoying comments. Who hasn't gotten a comment like this: "Please come check out my blog at so-and-so. I'm trying to get 50 followers by December!" Very annoying. 
  4. Text talk. i dnt know about u, but i thnk ths is prtty aggrvting. LOL (of course, you might have noticed I'm not against the smiley face)
  5. Bad spelling + punctuation. Use spell check.  
So ends the list of my dislikes. I'm sorry I'm so complain-y, but I thought u mght b intrstd. :)

What are your dislikes?

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


~Lauren said...

*UGH* - I totally agree with you! I did a post about bloggin tips {advising not to do those ;) } a


Beeson Girls said...

I agree! =D
I will admit, I do tend to have alot of buttons and whatnot on my sidebar... *blush*... but I TRY to keep them limited...
There's just so many blogs/sites I LOVE or different things I want to share... haha
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with all of the others, though! :-)

Abby said...

Lauren ~ Thanks for the comment! People do seem to leave weird comments when you do posts like that. :P

Traci ~ Hi! I looked at your blog, but I can't comment cause I'm not allowed to give out my e-mail address. :( Neat blog, by the way!