Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Insignificant Blogger

 I have the worst time convincing myself that blogging is not about numbers. It's not about getting the most followers or the best blog design. It's not about being the number 1 most popular blogger of all time. It's about having your own place to talk about what you've been doing, your thoughts, and what it's like being you. Of course, comments and followers are great. They help you believe that someone likes you, your blog, and your thoughts. But that's not what it should be about. The only thing that matters is that God loves you. You could have no followers, or comments, and no one that likes you on this Earth, but if you have God's approval, everything else melts away.

On a different note, my aunt is getting married on Friday! :) I'm excited, weddings are always fun. Could you pray for God's blessings on them? Thanks!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

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Hey Abby,
I have a hard time with numbers too. I have posts that I am hoping for tones of comments, and I don't even get one.

Beeson Girls said...

Aww... don't don't feel bad Abby! I just very recently started my blog, and I only have ONE comment (thanking me for entering their giveaway, no less!) TOTAL! Not that I'm not appreciative of the one lonely comment, it was very sweet of her to acknowledge my existence (lol) but I'm just saying. I understand. =D
I have come to realize that half the time when I read someone's blog, (or more than half the time) I don't comment, so that helps me to put things more "in perspective."
Keep your chin up (or your spirits, or whatever)!
Love in Jesus,