Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm singing in the rain, in the shower, etc....

Who else loves singing in the shower? How about when you're vacuuming? I love it. :) I think someone should put together an album, and they could call it, "Songs for the Shower, To Vacuum To, Etc." :) Here is a list of my favorite places to sing:

My Favorite Places To Sing ~a list~

  1. The shower
  2. While vacuuming
  3.  When nobody's listening (except God)
  4.  During family worship
  5.  After a miracle (even a small one, like a butterfly on a gloomy day)
  6. When I'm happy
What are your favorite places to sing?

Grace be with you,

 Abby :D


Crista "Moriah" said...

Neat post!

Yep, I love to sing at the times that you listed too. :)

It's a good way of uplifting your spirits. *wink*



Abby - I like to sing, and since I am terrible at singing, I like to sing with the muisc up REALLY high...