Friday, May 13, 2011


I've finally gotten around to this. Hooray! There's some great giveaways over here!

Favorite thing about summer? Hmm... I like the heat. Why? Two words: The pool. :)

In your opinion, the best scent in the entire world? I really love the smell of mint. Or lavender.

An embarrassing moment: Oh, my. There's so many. I'll have to pick one, let's see. Ah ha! One time, we were doing a recital at an assisted living home. Leah and I were doing a duet on the recorder. Well, in the middle of the song, I burst out laughing. Then Leah started laughing and we had to start over 2 times. :P It was SO embarrassing. Another? All right. This one is just awkward: I was playing with my brother outside on the porch, and I got the idea to charge into the yard like a warrior (think "For Narnia and for Aslan!") using a bamboo rod for a sword (bright idea, right?) Well, I charged with my 'sword' in front of me, and as I did I noticed the next-door neighbor watching me. That sure was a red-faced moment. :)

This is a bit overdone, but, what's your clothing style? Uh... comfortable? Yeah, some of the things are wear are rather unfashionable.

Deep question time: vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, for sure.

What do you think: is the Twilight fad dying out?  And if it is, are you dancing over its grave? Yes, I think it's dying out. I haven't heard as much about it lately. And again, yes, I did not like the vampire craze. ICK!

Favorite quote? I don't have one. There's a lot of quotes that I like, but I can't pick one.

Best thing that has ever happened to you and why? Hard, hard question. I think it was when my mother announced that she was pregnant with twins. (After a tubal reversal and a mistake with the number of babies)

Traveling: where would you want to go? I'd like to go to Paris. (Doesn't everyone?)

Favorite food? Spaghetti.

What type of music do you like? I love hymns. They're so old-fashioned and pretty.

Canon or Nikon? (If you're not a photographer, don't feel like you have to answer this...) I couldn't tell you for my life. I'm not a photographer.

Are you a squeamish person? Any stories? Nope. Sorry to disappoint.

Flipflops, bare feet, or heels? Bare feet all the way. :)

Do you like old black and white films? Yes. Especially Ma and Pa Kettle.

Skirts or jeans? Skirts.

Fresh or saltwater? Freshwater.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

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Bethany Joy said...

Ooh! Some of my favorite food is spaghetti also! My family thinks I a wee bit strange about that :) I also really like hymns!

I would go barefeet all the time, if I could. Well, probably most all the time *smile*. Since I know we have snakes in our yard, I don't do it all that often.

Skirts, definitly!

There, now you know a little bit more about me *huge grin*

Bethany Joy