Sunday, May 1, 2011

An annoying list and other things...

1.Uncapped markers

2. Crying babies~ they're sad, too! :(
Yes, this is my darling sister Essie. She is so cute!

3. Out-of-tune pianos

4. Unreadable (or just hard to read) cursive

Do you have any other annoying things to add to this list?

 A little update on my life:

~Baby Essie is doing great, although she does have her off days. She is so cute!
~Our dog Speckle gets a lot of sores (or hot spots) under her floppy ears. So on Tuesday we're going to have her shaved. I think she'll look funny when she's done! :)
~My piano recital was today. It went pretty well (as in, less shaking and sweating less than usual), and there were  some yummy refreshments afterward.
~For Bible time, I'm reading Numbers, 2 Chronicles, and Revelation. I have been reading through the New Testament and I'm almost done. Revelation is sort of scary because of the judgments on unbelievers.

So that's about it for my update. How's your life going?

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


The Roses said...

It's funny how a crying baby in a picture looks cute, even though if you heard the sound of them crying, it is not so cute.

Marelle said...

Congrats on ur recital:D

Thx for the comment on my blog:)