Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Post by Marelle

Hey guys, my name is Marelle Cole, and I am a guest post-er here at His Sparrow! I am good friends with Abby and I'm so glad that I got the chance to do this! I could hardly believe that I won the poetry contest, I typed the poem up on my phone in like, four minutes tops and DID NOT expect to win at all! So thanks so much to the people that voted for me, you guys rock!

So, today I wanted to tell you about how me and Abby came to meet, because it's quite an interesting story! Have any of you guys heard of American Girl? It's a company for young girls that includes an online club that fans can join, and I was SO into American Girl when I was young, so of course I joined! And I am so grateful that I did now because I met lots of nice people there, some that are still real life friends, including Abby! We met when we were both nine on American Girl, and we decided to start writing each other via snail mail, and we became really good friends! Her sister, Maggie, even started writing to my sister, Mina, which was awesome too! So, we had been phoning each other, writing, and emailing, for about four years, when I got the chance to meet her in person on vacation! My family got the chance to stop at her house and we had a blast!

So now, whenever she is in my area, or when I am in hers, we get a chance to hang out, and I am so grateful for it, because Abby is such an awesome, nice person, and I know that God had a plan for us to meet, and it has been such a blessing to my family to know them. So, that's my story, keep reading Abby's blog, and if you would like to visit me, I would greatly appreciate it, visit my blog here if you would like to stop by, feel free! Have a great day!

-Marelle <3

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Shelley said...

Nice story of how you guys met! That's cool how it started online then gradually went on from there. Great guest post! :)