Friday, March 23, 2012

{A Day of Autumn}

Hello everyone. How are you on this fine day? I hope it's fine for you, because it is for me too. :)

So today I have for you a contest. It is by Autumn, and it's her birthday soon! Go wish her a happy one!
Anyway, the contest. Here is what you have to do: Answer these questions about Autumn, make a post about them, and then link up. It's a good idea to include a button too. Here it is.

Sweet 16 Quiz Giveaway!

 Here I go. 

1. What is my middle name?

2. What is my favorite movie?
         One of the Star Wars movies, right? Easy. :)

3. What (amazing) present did I receive as a surprise from my parents on my 15th birthday?
        It was either the car or the phone. I'm going to go with the car. :)

4. How long have I been home schooled?
           For... ever?

5.True or False: I am the middle child in my family.
            Well, uh... um. True.

6.Who is my favorite actress?
           Favorite actress. Not sure about that. Aw, now you're making me search! :)

7. What decorations were on my 14th birthday cake?
         There were some butterflies... and it looked like streamers. And purple words.

8. True or False: I have met my favorite actress.
        I've searched all through the archives, but I can't find anything. I'm guessing... True.

9. Have I ever been to Disney World?

10. Who is my favorite character from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'?
              Well... this is my best guess. Ahsoka Tano? And yes, I had to copy and paste that name.

11. What brand of camera do I use?
            I can't find it. *sob*  I know you want a Nikon, but I'm guessing you have a... Canon.

12. What Star Wars character is one of our cats named after?
             Yoda. I'm 99.9% sure.

13. What is my favorite soda?

14. What yard work chore do I enjoy?
             Ooh, ooh! Cutting grass. :)

15. What month did I get braces?
          Twas March, 2011. 

16. Last question! True or False: I have had my hair cut at chin length at one point in time.
           Yes indeedy.

Wow, that was really hard. :) But fun. So what are you waiting for? Why don't you go link up?

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

ps. i will be returning to normal posting later. much, much later, possibly. but hopefully i'll get a post cranked out tomorrow. exciting news, blogging people!


Autumn said...

Thanks so much for entering!! :)

Shelley said...

Very cool idea, it's like a blog scavenger hunt to find the answers! :)