Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do you see?

How can I make you see my life?
How can I show you what I do every day?
How can I make it real for you?

How do I make you see how blue the sky is every day?

How much I enjoy eating chocolate chips and peanuts?

How much I love the girls and boys that are my siblings?

How lovely the park was yesterday?

How I relish reading the stories in the Old Testament, and the advice and grace of God in the New?

How fun it is to play my new mandolin (yes, I finally got one! More on that later)?

How wonderful it is to have a working, breathing body?

How thankful I am to still have a house after last night's storms?

How I sometimes (only sometimes) like to do school?

How fun our new tennis lessons sound?

How nice it is to find new hairstyles and clothes every day?

How much your comments and opinions mean to me?

How great and awesome God is to me, and how much I love Him?

How can I show you?

How can I make you see?


Shelley said...

Nice post Abby! I really like the whole question thing. Take photos to help us see! Or a video! :)

Meggan said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I use a thesaurus to write as many descriptive adjectives as possible without being redundant. :-D

Abby said...

Shelley~ Thanks!

Miss Meggan~ I do too. :)