Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Contest Update

Just letting everyone know, I'm adding these beautiful earrings to the contest prize.

Can't wait to see the winner!

Abby :D


Johanna said...

WHOW!!! I had better win or I'll just DIE!!!! What a beautiful prize dear Abby!

Johanna said...

Do I even have any hope of winning so far??? Do tell!!!

Bethany said...

You. Are. Kidding. Do. Not. Tell. Me. You. Made. These. They're adorable!!

Abby said...

Thanks Bethany!

Abby :D

Bo said...

Those are gorgeous :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Yea, I do enjoy math but not when all the work piles up. English is definitely my favorite subject.

And yea, I'm planning on going to college :) I'm just undecided on what I'm going to study >.<