Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some very interesting stories

Here is the story of my two biggest injuries in life (which are still not very big) . I'm telling them in third person just to make it interesting. Enjoy (If you can.)

One day, 9-year-old Abby and her sisters had some friends over. They were pushing a boy named Michel up a hill. He started to get out and help. Then all of a sudden, Michel fell on Abby's leg (it was not his fault, I shouldn't have been where I was).  Although none of them knew it, Abby had a broken ankle. She limped inside and played computer games for the rest of the visit. Well, Abby couldn't walk for the rest of the day, and when night fell, she couldn't climb onto her bed (we had bunk beds then, and mine was a top bunk). She also couldn't go to sleep, so she stayed up until the late hour of eleven o' clock. It was the next day that they decided to go to the doctor. It turns out, Abby's ankle indeed was broken. She got a pink cast (whoo hoo!) and crutches (which I still have to this day). After seven weeks, her cast was off (after a crying spell, multiple scoldings for walking on my cast, sore arms, and several sponge baths).

*Author's Note* It was extremely fun having everyone sign my cast ( I even got one from a random stranger :D) plus a couple people pretty much all the kids at church wanted to try my crutches. It's fun until you get your cast off and have to re-learn how to walk ON VACATION! (yes, that happened as well. Let me just say it was NOT fun.)

*Clears throat* Now for the next story... a much more gruesome one... *evil laugh* Well, not really.

One day, Abby's mother was going to throw away a light-up rubber ball. Being naturally curious, Abby wanted to know just why it lit up. So, she began to cut it open with a butter knife. (I know, great idea, right?) Abby's little sister suggested a sharper knife (she wasn't to blame either, I should have known better). Abby got the knife, and began to cut. *cue scary music, suspense builds* Then, suddenly the knife slipped and cut her left index finger. So she began to jump around the kitchen, screaming, "OW OW OW OW OW!!" even though it didn't hurt. Her parents took her to the hospital (intensive care, I think it was). Thankfully, it was a clean cut and she didn't need stitches. But she did have to wear a splint for a few weeks.

*Author's Note* I wanted stitches at the time, because (of all things) I wanted my dad to get me a stuffed animal. :) Also, having a splint is nowhere near as fun as having a cast. :(

Oh, yeah, and then there was the time when I cut my finger with a pair of scissors... but that's another story.

Abby :D


Bethany said...

Oh dear!!

(Light up balls?? Now....)

Mattie said...

oh Abby! Those are worse than my worst injuries! (I didn't get hurt too much when I was little(amazingly).

~Abigail~ said...

Ouch those must of hurt!
Thanks for the story's
( I like your new background!!!)