Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Cats, cats, all kinds of cats
Some with big ears, some with small
Some with fur, or none at all
Soft house cats
With claws like pins.
Cheshire cats with lots of grins
Prissy cats with airs and grace
Wild cats who spring and race.
Friendly cats that purr and meowl
Angry cats that hiss and yowl
Well fed cats who sit in laps
Hungry cats that dig for scraps
Kitten cats with bows and lace
Rakish cats who jump and pace
Cats with fur of orange and white,
Cats whose color is midnight
 For furry face and loyal friend,
The love of cats will never end.


Bethany Joy said...

How nice, Abby! I like it :) I think I would take the
"Friendly cats that purr and meow".

How long did it take you to write this?

Bethany Joy

Abby said...

Hi Bethany! It took me about twenty minutes, perhaps. Thanks for commenting!

Marelle said...

I love it, especially the part about Cheshire Cats;)