Saturday, July 30, 2011

You're it!

 Nehemiah tagged me. Thanks! Here goes:

1. Favorite Sport: I'm not sure... I like informal basketball. If you don't know how to play basketball, come play with me. But you'll probably still win. :)
2. A Good Name for a Dog: I don't know, I guess it would depend on the dog. A good name for our dog would be something like Fleabag or Bonerack. :)
3. Favorite Animal: I like dogs. Or horses. Or bees. Or hairless cats. You know, the usual.
4. Favorite Subject in School: Hmm... either reading or art.
5. Favorite Drink: Water. I like lemonade too, but that has water in it, right?
6. Last Song You Heard: I think it was Stars and Stripes Forever. Or possibly the Thomas theme song.
7. Do You Like to Make People Laugh?: Yes. It makes me feel like I'm actually funny. :)
8. Favorite Color: I like all colors. Green, yellow, and blue are a bit higher on the list than others.
9. Favorite Hobby: Making jewelry. And playing with clay. That sure sounds unprofessional. Playing with clay. :)
10. School Grade You are in: 9th grade. Only three more grades to go!

I tag:

Bethany Joy

And if you want to steal this, you can too.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


AnnaBannana said...

Nice tag answers Abby! :)

Julia said...

Fun, Abby! Your blog is looking great these days, by the way! :D Thanks for having me on your blog list on the sidebar, that's very nice of you! ;)


Bethany Joy said...

Thank you! Thank you, Abby! I was also tagged by Rebekah...and it was the exact same tag :) Funny, huh. I'll try to do it soon...thanks again!

Bethany joy