Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Has it been that long?!?

Why hello there!

Hi Abby!

Whoa... how do you know my name?

Uh, you blog here, remember?

I do? Oh yeah! I completely forgot! How could I forget?

*ahem* So how's everyone doing? My life is going great. Here are some things that are happening in my life lately.

1. I think I got an A on my Algebra test today. *crazy cheering, screeching, and screaming, plus some party horns*  I am excited. :)

2. The weather here has been kinda rainy and cloudy, with bits of sun and thunder in between. It's funny weather. I love the rain though, especially since we haven't had much during the summer. And there's some cold too. No snow yet, but I'm still hopeful!

3. Peppers! This time they're not stuffed though. My mother bought some colorful ones at the grocery store, and I thought they were really pretty.

Ain't they just bee-you-tee-ful? How did God think up such colors? And they go so well with each other too!
God is amazing and awesome. :)

4. Thinking about my future. I'm going to be sixteen in April, so I've gotta start planning! I was thinking to maybe get a career in either cosmetology or uh... something to do with animals, possibly training or grooming them. I like that idea! But my greatest goal is to become a wife and mother, because that's the woman's job.

5. Tomorrow will be a busy day. First we're going to piano lessons, then we'll be at a spelling bee in which my job is to watch little siblings. While that isn't a huge list, think of getting all that done while having to watch twin 4-year-olds and a touchy toddler! And maybe a baby. Hey, alliteration and rhyming! I think I deserve a cookie for that. Right? Right?

6. As I am going to be starting a new leg of my blogging journey, I'd like to ask: what is the thing you'd most like to see here? Who better to ask than my faithful readers?

Hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful week!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

ps. What do you say to a giveaway or contest sometime soon?


Hannah said...

Well, since you said you'd like to take up cosmetogy, how about a makeup collection or something? :)


Shelley said...

Congrats on your A! Nice photos, and yes, those peppers are beautiful! Love the colours! :) And did I hear giveaway or contest? Hurray, those are always fun!

Abby said...

Hannah~ Good idea! I'll think about it. Although I don't think I could make it as interesting as your tutorials!

Shelley~ Thanks!

Marelle said...

Cosmetology sounds so fun. I hope I can go to school for it one day. You should come down to Florida and we could go together. Hee hee :)

A giveaway sounds great to me ;)


Mina said...

Very cute and funny post:D And as an answer to your first question I'd like to see a list of like your favorite things in all different categories like food, music, etc. not sure if you've done that before, if you did, I will look for it;)
And as an answer to your second question, YES! Ha, ha I love giveaways and contests:)
Have a great day!


Abby said...

Marelle~ Yes, that would be neat!

Mina~ Thanks!