Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tower... (pt 2)

 See Part 1 if you haven't read it already.

 First day of the building of the Great Tower
I suspect that now we will be counting the years by the Great Tower. So now I will write the days by the building of it. It is exciting, watching the Tower’s foundation. I have made lots of bricks today, and they are all sitting in a row in the sun, which by this time is very hot. I think Mother is a bit silly for not wanting to build this Tower.

5th day of the building of the Great Tower
 I have not written for a while because I am busy with the bricks and too tired at night. Mother and Father have had a big argument and Father keeps shouting that now men are more powerful than God now. Mother only says, “The tower has not been built yet.”

 7th day of the building of the Great Tower
So hot today! I sweat just watching the men who build. The tower is now higher than a man. It is very impressive already. I love making bricks. First I gather some mud and mix in some straw or grass. Then I shape it with my hands into a large square shape for stacking. After that I line them up along the ground. They take about three days to dry completely, as they are pretty big. It is fun! For the midday meal, we have fruit and meat.
8th day of the building of the Great Tower
 Today a man fell off of the tower and was injured badly. He and some other men were having an argument and he was pushed off. I think he will be okay, but he cannot walk or work.

 9th day of the building of the Great Tower
The Tower is now bigger than our tallest tent! It is so amazing and it makes me dizzy when I tip my head back to look at the top. Still making bricks, thankfully not very hot work, as we are working with the cool mud.

13th day of the building of the Great Tower
Mother has refused to make any more bricks. Father has coaxed her and threatened her, but she says, “No. I will not. I’m sure it does not please God.”
Father nearly shouts, “We are stronger than God! We do not need him!”
 Adam boasts to me, “I know all about building now!” and I tell him, “I know all about brick-making!” I feel as if I have made hundreds. The Tower is getting bigger and bigger. It looks almost as tall as the sky now. The men working on top look like ants, and the bricks like seeds. Caleb now points to the structure and says, “Fatha. Ada. Build!” We clap and smile when he says this.

15th day of the building of the Great Tower
The Tower is so huge! It seems as though when we set our minds to it, we can team up and do a really big thing. Is it possible that men really are stronger than God? Could it be?

18th day of the building of the Great Tower
 Abigail and I play as we make the bricks. We each try to race each other to make the most bricks. I usually win, but sometimes it’s a tie.
Another man fell off the Tower today. Except this time, it was so tall that he died. I feel sad for his family, but I’m also surprised that there haven’t been more injuries.

 I am so frightened and sad! Right after I wrote that, I heard a loud commotion and ran outside. Adam was lying on the ground, not moving with his eyes closed, and a crowd had gathered around him. “Are you okay?” People were asking. But he did not respond. I dropped to my knees by him. “Adam!” I screamed, “Can’t you hear me?” After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and looked around. “What has happened?”
The crowd that had gathered sighed. The man in charge said, “A brick came down and hit him. He must have been stunned.”
Father pushed through the crowd, looked around mutely, and pulled Adam to his feet.
“Come along children. We will go home.” He led the way back to our tent.
Adam is all right now. He was fine after he got some rest. But I hope there will be no more injuries.

21st day of the building of the Great Tower
Hot today. It looks as if the Tower is nearly finished, yet the foremen keeping shouting, “More, more, taller! We will make a name for ourselves!” They do not seem to be satisfied, although I think it is more than enough. Maybe men really are more powerful than God?

100th day of the building of the Great Tower
We have been so busy. Part of the Tower collapsed and we had to work harder and harder to re-build it. There was no time for playing or writing. The men who were building it got very angry, including Father. It was also extremely hot today.

140th day of the building of the Great Tower
There have been several deaths. Part of the Tower fell down again and men were buried under the bricks. The men who are in charge of this project are angry at the men who are building and we who are making the bricks. They say the foundations are weak and so are the bricks we made.
Very hot today.

200th day of the building of the Great Tower
The Tower is now almost finished. The men have gone slowly and I have worked extra hard making my bricks. I can’t wait till it’s done!

215th day of the hot months
I was so surprised when it happened. I was talking to Abigail and all of a sudden she began babbling in a strange tongue. “What did you say?” I asked. But I couldn’t understand her. I ran out of the tent in great alarm, and tried to speak to one of the foremen, but he was talking in the same way! By this time I was sure that I was turning crazy. A few people came running up to me and tried to speak to me, but I only understood one of them, and he was in too great a hurry to listen. Finally I found Mother, who had been visiting one of the ladies, and to my great relief, I could understand her. I clung to her and sobbed. I am still distraught now, and I now will sleep and hope that it was all a bad dream.

216th day of the hot months
I awoke, and it was not a bad dream, although today was more organized. There are several other families who speak the same tongue as we. We have decided to move on, maybe East or South.

218th day of the hot months
I am excited to be moving on. It does seem strange to not understand the others. We are packing up again, ready to move to the East.

219th day of the hot months
I have run out of papyrus, and Father will not get more. I hope that when I grow up, I will find more and write to my heart’s content. But until then, we will be moving steadily East-ward, hoping to find water and shelter.


What did you think? I had the idea a while ago but I just finished it recently. I know it probably wasn't Biblically or time periodly (?) accurate, but it's hard to write something based on such a tiny story! Hope you liked it.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Mina said...

I really liked this story Abby! I didn't expect it at all when I was reading part one what it was going to be about! It was very interesting:D Great job!

Marelle said...

This is really good, Abby! What a clever idea for a story!


Abby said...

Thanks guys!