Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School Daze


I love being home-schooled. Why? *ahem* I have prepared a handy little list for you. It should only take up a few hundred pages... don't be alarmed if your computer shuts down. :)

Just kidding. Anyway, here's the list.

Reasons Why I Love Home-school~ a list
1.You can take as long as you want for lunch.
2. You can study what you want to study and when.
3. There's no set time for graduation.
4. Going to the grocery store is a field trip.
5. You can laugh at the evolution theory without getting in trouble.
6. No bullies! 
7. Your siblings are your classmates.
8. You can have your education the way God would like it.
9. Your teacher is your mom and your principal is your dad.
10. Everyone at school loves you.
11. You can take days off or half days whenever you want-- hey, the teacher needed a break!
12. You can wear pajamas or a fancy ball dress or you can do your hair in a funny hairdo, and no one will make you change.
13. Your grandma coming over and telling you stories about when she was a girl could qualify as history.
14. Weapons are allowed at school. 
15. You can never be expelled or suspended.
16. Vacation is a field trip too.
17. You can mention God's name anytime you want, and you can discuss theology in your classroom.
18. You can stay up later and get up later than public school kids.
19. No peer pressure! (except from siblings)
20. You don't need a hall pass.
21. You can run in the halls. :) 

I just love homeschooling! It is just so good. Here's a little anecdote for you, about school, of course. :)

So today I was doing my math. One of my 'resolutions' for the New Year was to be more diligent on math, and not to dawdle or have my mind wander. Now, I was real excited because I was going to grade my lesson, my first lesson since the resolution. I was pretty sure I had done really well, and I wanted to see what my grade was. A C? A B? Maybe even... an A?!? Answer book in hand, I began to check the problems. With each wrong answer, I got less and less excited. Lo and behold, I got an F. 

An F. 

Who says home-schoolers are smarter than public schoolers?


What are your latest fails/wins in school? And if you are home-schooled, how do you like it?

Have a great week!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D 


Kara said...

-You forgot to add that you will always be honor student, best in class and valedictorian in your grade! :)

Shelley said...

No, I'm not home schooled, but it sure does sound like fun! I like your colourful list! Nice points! :) And sorry to hear about your F, I hope you do better on the next one!

Bethany said...

Homeschooling? It's amazing. No, it's actually better than that -- it's fabulous. Although I've always been homeschooled, I don't anything could beat doing your school-work in pajamas...or weird hairstyles, for that matter


Great list :) I like 'em. I'm sorry about your math...I've had that happen also; where I work extremely hard, and then *BOOM* I got a really bad grade. Shed a few tears, and then hurry onto the next one (uh...I mean correcting all those wrong answer...or re-doing it =) ) What math are you doing? Also, is it your favorite subject *wink, wink*?

You have a fun blog :) Keep up the great posts!


Abby said...

Kara~ You're right!

Shelley~ Thanks!

Bethany~ I'm still doing Algebra 1. Blah....

Bethany said...

I'm doing Alegebra 2...

...what's it gonna be like when I reach Geometry???