Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have An Abby-er-Happy Birthday!

Hi there! This is Abby's sister, Leah.
I am here to tell you, that our dear Abby is having a birthday today!
She has not exactly given me permission to post, ( No, I am not a hacker!) but I need to tell you all about my sweet sister.

 I am so blessed to have a sister and friend like Abby.
She is thoughtful, generous, fun, creative, and always makes me laugh. Abby inspires me in so many ways with her creativity. If I did not have Abby, my life would lack so much laughter, inspiration and not to mention surprises.

Happy Birthday, Abby! xoxo

So please comment with your sweetest birthday wishes.
I am sure you'd make her day with a birthday comment!


Erin said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Abby! I hope it was a day filled with Blessings!!

The Roses said...

Happy Birthday! Your sisters and you are all so sweet.

Kara said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Abby! :) Have a wonderful, day! May God bless you on your birthday!

Bethany Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Abby...again =) That was sweet of you, Leah, to post about it!

Bethany Joy