Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salmon. Yummy.

This is Salmon. He is a Betta fish, and I got him on my birthday. :) He doesn't seem to like me very much. Anyone have a similar experience?

Our Sad Pet Experience

1. A goldfish that our sister Leah brought home from the fair. It died the next day.
2. Our cat Jewel. She ran away.
3. Two tadpoles from a kit we had. They died within a week.
4. Two crickets from Petsmart. One died and I released the other.
5. Another cricket from the great outdoors. I released it because it was creepy. :)

Our Happy Pet Experience
1. Our dog Speckle. She's nine years old and has been a pretty good dog.
2. Our other dog Oaty. She is seven and she's a horrible dog. :)
3. Our cat Pebbles. She is a great cat!

So as you can see, unlike most other kids, I have not had very many fish. I'm not even sure how to handle one. :P If you have a fish, raise your hand.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

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