Monday, July 18, 2011

A peek into an amateur author's mind...

1. I was riding the subway, bumping around on the seat next to the window, surrounded by random people and their luggage, staring out at the fast-moving scenery and holding onto my sleek black leather suitcase for dear life. I had a cigarette clenched between my teeth, which was odd because I didn’t usually smoke. I also had twelve bullets in my shirt pocket, a pistol in the suitcase, and a cover story in my head. I was a spy. At that moment in time, I was on my way back to headquarters between missions. I was feeling rather sick, partly from the fast movement of the subway and partly from the smell of the people around me. Most of them smelled as if they hadn’t washed in weeks. I quickly squeezed my way to the restroom, just in case I lost my lunch. After the queasy feeling had stopped, I stepped back out and stood near the door. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a slim, nicely dressed lady carrying a suitcase similar to mine. “Excuse me. Are you… Agent 352?” She asked, consulting a piece of paper. “That depends on who you are.” I replied. She seemed very annoyed, and reached into her coat to pull out a badge. “I’m Agent Smith, your superior officer. I’ve been sent from headquarters to inform you of an important mission.” “Got it,” I replied, and followed her to the luggage room at the back of the train. Sitting down, she motioned to an adjacent chair. “All right, listen up, agent, you’ll only get these instructions once and you can’t write them down. Your life depends on this mission, if you fail you die.”

2. I pulled myself up on the table, my legs teetering and tottering like miniature seesaws. I could feel drool dripping down my chin, but I couldn't wipe it away for fear I'd loose my grip on the table. Disgusting, I thought. All of a sudden my legs bent and I started to fall. In my scramble to grab something solid, I knocked over a house plant and two books and took them down with me. I started to scream in pretended pain, although I really wasn't hurt at all. "Aw, you silly little girl. Did you fall?" My mother came up behind me and picked me up. "And you made a big mess too. Well, into your pen you go, so I can clean this up." She put me in my play pen. Hi! I'm Natalie. As you might have guessed, I'm a baby, nearly eleven months old. I already have two teeth, which I am very proud of. "All right, silly girl, up you go. It's time for lunch." Mother picked me up and strapped me into my high chair. Then she opened a can of gross baby food. "No! No!" I cried. "I don't want that. It's yucky!" Unfortunately for me, all Mother heard was, "Gah goo bee bah!" She smiled, got a bite on the spoon, and said, "Open wiii-iide!" in a sing-songy voice. So I opened wide, and she spooned some carrots-and-peas into my mouth. I managed to swallow, but it was all I could do to keep from spitting it out. Yuck! After I was done with the mushy gunk, she gave me some Cheerios, which are more grown-up, in my opinion. I ate those up really quickly, only gagging once on a particularly hard one, and then it was time for my nap.
Mother changed my diaper and put some yummy-smelling powder on in case of diaper rash. It smells good, but once I tried some and it didn't taste good at all!
Mother laid me in my bed, and put a fleece-y blanket on me, which was very warm and cozy. I don't really like to sleep when there's still light outside, but I was very tired after all the playing I did. So I settled right down to sleep. Good night!


Jenna Blake Morris said...

That last bit reminded me a little bit of the show *Rugrats*. And how unfortunate babies are...

Ashley said...

That baby one was great!! Nice new point of view...hey! You could mix'em up, make the baby a agent spy!

Ok, what a cliche idea..but had to say it anyway. :-D

The Roses said...

You had me going there. Are the two stories related? At first I thought they were. Was that what you intended?
Anyway, it was good. I had to go back and reread. Very creative.

Mina said...

Wow those are very good Abby!
I hope you are planning to finish them!

Abby said...

@Jenna~ Yes, it does sound a lot like Rugrats! I used to watch that show a lot.

@Ashley~ Yes, that would be a good idea! :) Hmm... now you've got me thinking!

@The Roses~ No, the stories aren't supposed to be related, but now I'm not sure... :)

@Mina~ Thanks!

Thanks everyone for all the comments!

Bethany Joy said...

Hi Abby!

Very good stories! I liked them a lot :)

Bethany Joy

Shelley said...

Great mini stories Abby! I enjoyed reading them! Very creative and imaginative! :) Love the spy one!

Bethany Joy said...

I think you should write more for you spy was very, very interesting!

Bethany Joy

Marelle said...

Those are both great! I'd love to hear the full versions of both!