Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random (for lack of a better title)

I hear: Thunder, and the voices of my siblings.
I feel: The computer keys.
I smell: Nothing right now.
I see: The words on this screen, and the swelling storm clouds outside.
I taste: Nothing right now.

What do you sense right now?

So, after reading through 1 Corinthians, I was thinking about having something where we read through a chapter every day, and then post our thoughts on it. (in this chapter, Paul's thoughts on marriage, head coverings, and other juicy topics. :) What do you think? Would you like to do it? Before agreeing, I suggest flipping through or reading this book.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for how short this post is. A longer or better one to follow!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalms 46:1


Mina said...

Very nice post:)
Also I wanted to ask if you could please check out my new photo blog?
Thanks so Much!

M Valcourt said...

I hear: my daughter talking, and Brandon Heath singing Wait and see..
I feel: chair under me, air currents from an open window before me..
I smell: smells like rain
I see: a cloudy sky with the tree tossing in the wind, computer screen, my daughter watching me..
I taste: nothing particular..

N.T.Jordan said...

Haha. Love the title. :P Sometimes thats how I feel. ^_^
Ooh. I like the chapter/discussion idea! :D Wish I would have thought of it. :P

Can't wait!