Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wire snakes, and other things

So we’re finally done with our school year... *sigh*...And now I have no idea what to do! I have no projects! Anyone for suggestions?
I did buy a bead set with some wire and stuff a couple days ago, and I decided to make some wire-and-bead snakes!

A cobra, ready to strike. Sorry, his head's sort of blurry.

This is just your normal, generic, "snake".

I can show you how to make these if you want. :D I also made a rattle snake, but I gave that one away.

Also, I have an ear infection. :P My ears are very itchy as well as painful and plugged. Ugh...I'm taking Colloidal Silver, which is this really disgusting (non-prescription) medicine, plus some garlic ear drops (also non-prescription). I hope it will go away soon. :P

Well, time for lunch. We eat a really late lunch, by most people's opinion. What time do you eat lunch usually?

Gotta go... see ya later.

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Leah said...

Ooh! Tell us how to make them. Pleasssssse....

I hope your ears feel better!


Kendra said...

You should have another contest and give away one of those cool snakes!

Praying that your ears feel better!

Kendra said...

I went ahead and made some blog buttons from you to choose from, if you can't have one that's fine. If you can, just go over to "Kendra's Krazy Krafts" and let me know which one you want of if you want a different size, color, or theme!

Kendra said...

My blog party has started, don't miss it!

Bing and Belle said...

I go for a lot of bike rides around the neighborhood in the summertime, you should too, it's very relaxing and good exercise!