Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts... and people that were me...

Today's weather was so beautiful... blue sky, puffy clouds, and sunshine. I love it! I also saw a few yellow finches on our bird feeder. We had some rain a few days ago, it was welcome after a long day of heat.

We went to the doctor today as well, because we've had a virus. It's either a cold or the hand, foot, and mouth disease that's going around. I only have a sore throat, but my brothers have had on-and-off fevers, too.

We're still not quite done with school yet, we have only a few more days left. I can't wait! We will have a whole month off, which is quite a luxury to me. :D

I'm still reading Psalms in the Bible, because my reading is going unbelievably slowly. I don't know why. It's interesting seeing the sad and happy psalms together.

This is a picture from when I was ten years old.

Here's another one. I was about eight here. This was after VBS, I think. That's Maggie next to me. It's OK to think I look like a weird kid.

I love looking at old photos.

Have a great week!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Leah said...

You were a cute, silly, crazy girl. From that photo of you smiling serenely... you look pretty normal. But I remember taking that photo... and it was not easy... ;)

You were a silly girl, but I love you for all the funny, wacky things that you did as a kid. It's a joy to be around you, sister!

Love your "just as wacky sis",



I agree Abby (about the pictures), I was looking at a scrapbook we made for our dad and my 5 yr old sister was 1 1/2! How time flies!


I tagged you!

Kendra said...

I love looking at old pictures too! :-D
And you don't look too weird.