Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still walking down Memory Lane...

It's fun to walk down Memory Lane... but also sort of sad. I'm not that person up there anymore. Or that strange, rather creepy person down there.

For embarrasment's sake, I won't say who those other people are with me. I bet you can guess, though.

I'm still not quite sure exactly what we were doing in this photo...

One more. :D

All I can say on this one is... We were weird.

Well, I'm out of my "mood", so I hope you enjoyed these. I did. :D

Grace be with you,

Abby :D

By the way, how do you like my new profile picture? I did it on Picnik. :D


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

what? wow... thats um... intersting. haha! We've missed you around the CBox, where you been?

With love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Hannah Rebekah said...

I do have a cellphone, but I only use it for things like when I babysit.

-Hannah Rebekah

Erin said...

So cute!!! You guys are so blessed to have grown up together and had such fun. My sister and I were too far apart to enjoy eachother that way, but we're close now. And I have way more embarrassing pictures of myself, lol!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

are those recent pictures?

Kendra said...

Haha! I like that last one! Could you post some pictures of yourself now?

Mattie said...

Hahahaha! Those pictures are ADORABLE! :D