Friday, August 13, 2010

The end of my story

 Here is the end of my Cinderella story. This was the first time I attempted writing a romance chapter, so I'm sorry if it's not very realistic. Enjoy!

At the ball, the stepsisters were looking for the prince while Kelly’s carriage pulled up at the front of the castle. “Where is that prince?” Raisin said, standing on her tip-toes to look for him. She was the elder twin. “He should be here by now,” said Prune. She was the younger twin. Suddenly, Kelly stepped into the ballroom. “Who is that?” said Prune. “I don’t know,” said Raisin.
The prince stepped out from the potted plant he was hiding behind. He had short blond hair and blue eyes. A new suit had been made for him by the court tailor. He started to walk toward Kelly.
“There he is!” said Raisin. “Where?” asked Prune. Raisin pointed. Prune saw him. Kelly curtsied. The prince, or Robert, bowed. They started to dance. “That isn’t fair!” Raisin said, stamping her foot. “Yeah, I tried so hard to get him to dance with me. But there is nothing we can do, I guess,” said Prune, with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Kelly was enjoying herself. “My name is Robert,” said the prince. “Mine is…oh, look at that beautiful flower! What is it called?” She looked inquisitively at him. “It is a carnation.” He smiled. “It is so beautiful,” said Kelly. “Let us go sit on the edge of that fountain,” said the prince, “we can talk there.”

“It is 11:50!” said Kelly. “Yes,” said the prince, puzzled, “but let’s go inside. My mother and father will be looking for me. Maybe I could introduce you to them. What did you say your name was?” But Kelly was already rushing toward the door. By the time the surprised prince got to it, Kelly was lost in the crowd.

Kelly ran as fast as she could. Suddenly one of the silk slippers flew off her foot. She mourned the loss of such a delicate slipper, and it fit so well, too. At least she had the other one. When she got home, her dress was in rags, but strangely the slipper was still pristine. Kelly decided to put it in her box of things that she would remember forever. As soon as she made dinner and set it on the table, her stepmother and siblings got home from the ball. “It was the strangest thing…a girl was at the ball…the prince liked her a lot…at 11:50…she ran out of the palace…the prince is still searching now,” Prune mumbled between bites of lasagna. “Really?” Kelly whispered, starry-eyed. “YEAH!” Raisin said loudly, not really paying attention. After dinner, Kelly tiptoed up to her room. “The prince is looking for me!” she thought. Suddenly, Andrew knocked on the door, and then slipped in. “The prince is here. He wants to see you.” He said. “Just me?” Kelly said, surprised. “No, he wants to see everyone.” She went with him where at least ten courtiers were standing, including the prince. “There she is!” said the prince. He rushed over to Kelly. “What is your name?” he asked. “K-kelly,” she managed. “Will you marry me, Kelly?” the prince asked. With everyone in the room staring at her, waiting to hear the answer, Kelly did what any sensible person would do. She fainted.

The next thing Kelly remembered was someone splashing a whole bucket of water on her face. She shrieked. Then she heard someone else say, “Well, now we know she’s awake!” Kelly looked up, and there, standing over her, was her stepmother, looking as bitter as ever. Raisin was pouting in a corner, and Prune was looking excited in a chair. The prince was by her feet. He looked confused, dejected, and concerned all at the same time. “Yes,” Kelly said weakly. “What?” the prince said. He seemed surprised that she had enough strength to speak. “I said ‘Yes,’ as in ‘Yes, I will marry you,’” Kelly said.
The prince looked surprised, then triumphant, and then he pulled Kelly up from the floor and kissed her. Kelly, in turn, looked surprised, then triumphant. The prince took the slipper from his pocket and slipped it on her foot. “Wait,” Kelly said, and then she ran up the stairs to her room and got the other slipper. The prince put that one on, too. Then he said, “The wedding will be next month.” Prune ran to her stepsister and engulfed her in a bear hug. “OH, I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!” she shrieked, and then she jumped up and down for ten seconds. Raisin looked at her strangely, and then asked, “What about us?” Kelly looked surprised. “What about you?” “Well, I mean, who will do our dishes and make dinner and iron and wash clothes?” Raisin replied. “Well, you’ll just have to do it yourself from now on.” Kelly said, in a tone that Raisin thought was haughty. Kelly and the prince got in their carriage and drove away.
At the palace, preparations were being made for the wedding, which was in two weeks. Kelly felt very out of place in the big gold and marble palace.
She was being measured, pinched, and poked, scrubbed and cleaned and washed, and she was getting tired of it. At home she lived a quiet life, plain but neat. She might be a little overworked, but it didn’t matter much. At the palace, everything was hustle and bustle. You had to hurry, hurry, hurry to your gown fitting, then race to your room to pick out some new crowns. Not that she didn’t love the prince (in her mind, she never called him Robert, he was always “The Prince”) but she longed for her simple life at home. But Kelly had no time to think about that. She had to run off to get her fingers measured for her wedding ring, for pinky rings, and for all kinds of rings in general.
Kelly was in her room. She was drawing a picture of a horse. Then she heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” she called. A servant opened the door. “There is a girl here to see you.” He announced with disdain. “Let her in.” Kelly ordered.

A minute later, Prune poked her head in. “Your Majesty, may I come in?” she asked, with a deep curtsy. “You may call me Kelly, and yes, you may come in!” Kelly giggled. Prune hurried in and shut the door carefully. She curtsied. “Hello Kelly,” she half-whispered, “I’ve come to ask you…to ask you…to ask you if you will come back home!” She blurted out the last words as if they were poisonous. Kelly watched her, surprised. “Well,” she said at last, “I suppose I could.” Prune’s eyes widened. “I didn’t even think you would consider it,” she said, “but it is so lonely having no one to talk to, or take advice from, or…or...,” she paused. “Or to wash dishes for you!” Kelly teased. Prune smiled. “Yeah. So will you do it?” She asked. Kelly considered it. “I’ll talk to the prince.” She said.

“And so they want me to come home.” Kelly had just finished explaining her ordeal to the prince. He was deep in thought. “Robert? Do you think I could go?” Kelly asked. She waved her hand in front of his face. “Yes.” He said. She squealed loudly. The prince covered his ears. Then he held up one finger. “Wait. You can go on one condition.” Kelly stopped squealing and looked at him. He smiled and said, “You have to take me with you.” Kelly started to squeal again.

Now Kelly and the prince live happily in their house. After a while, the old stepmother died and Raisin and Prune got married, so they lived alone. But not for long. They had a beautiful baby girl and were very happy.

The End

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


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