Thursday, August 12, 2010

More of my Cinderella story

Here's some more of my Cinderella story. I decided not to put any magic in it, so here's the result. Enjoy!

The next day was Saturday. Kelly got up at six ‘o clock and went downstairs to fix breakfast. Andrew was already up. He was in the kitchen, eating a cold pancake. “Are you tired?” He asked. “No,” Kelly lied, with a jaw cracking yawn. “Okay, maybe a little,” she said. “Ha, you’re lying. I can tell you’re really tired,” Andrew said, “You can go rest on the parlor couch, I will make toast.” He grinned. “You’re smart, but you’re not even allowed to the toaster, let alone toast bread in it.” Kelly said, with another yawn. “Who cares?” Andrew said, going over to the toaster and poking it, “I can make toast if I want.”

Kelly was now eighteen. She wasn’t divinely beautiful, but she was pretty. Andrew was seventeen. Her stepsisters were sixteen. They were pretty ugly. The prince of the country was having a ball. The house was abuzz, and Kelly was exhausted with dresses for her stepsisters, frills, and perfume. She was forever thinking about going herself, but, having nothing to wear, and too many chores to do, she was not even allowed to think about going. Kelly tried to stop herself from thinking about it, but sometimes she just couldn’t stop.

A week later was the day of the ball. A carriage arrived to take her stepmother and sisters and even Andrew to the ball. Kelly sighed as she watched the carriage disappear around the bend. “Oh, how I wish I could go!” She said. Just then, there was a strange knock at the door. “Who could that be?” She said to herself, “I thought everyone was at the ball, hoping to meet the prince!” Kelly went to the door and opened it. WHOOSH! A pink sewing machine came right at her!

After she recovered, Kelly saw a lady standing there, all dressed in pink. “Hello,” the woman said. “H-hello,” Kelly said, quite flustered, “and who are you?” “I,” said the lady, “am the pink fast sewer, who can also hire carriages pretty quickly.” There was a pause. “Why did you try to knock me out?” Kelly asked. The woman laughed. “Look at your dress,” she said. Kelly looked down. It was the most beautiful dress ever! It was white, with puffed sleeves. It had a big silk bow at the back, and pearls all down the skirt. There were also little silk slippers. “Oh, thank you!” Kelly cried, “I’ll go right now!” Suddenly lightning flashed and it started to pour. Kelly’s face fell. “Did you think you’d be going without a carriage, my dear?” The woman asked, her own face jolly. She snapped her fingers and a carriage drove up. She also gave Kelly a silk umbrella with white flowers on it. “Everything is perfect!” Kelly said, opening the umbrella and starting toward the carriage, “Thank you! I love it!” “Wait, my dear,” the woman called. Kelly stopped and looked at the lady. “I need the carriage back at midnight.” She said. “Okay,” Kelly cried ecstatically, “Goodbye! GOODBYE!”

Grace be with you,

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