Sunday, August 29, 2010


 A tag! Amanda tagged me!

1.What's your least favorite food in the world? Oooh... this is hard! Hmm... maybe... brussel sprouts?
2. Have you ever won a blog giveaway? Yes. :D
3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, then what did you win? I won a potholder and some dishrags. :D And I put them in my hope chest.
4. Cork board, or dry erase? I think cork board.
5. Favorite gift ever? Who was it from? My American Girl doll Felicity. I've had her for about... seven or eight years. My parents gave her to me for Christmas.
6. What was the last book you read? (Other then school books) A book called Master Cornhill. It's about the great fire of London.
7. Snail mail, or email? Well, snail mail is slower, but I still think I like it best. Like I said, I LOVE getting mail!
8. Who is your role model? My mother. She is the best lady EVER!

Now, I tag:

Ashley Jean

And anyone who wants to can take this tag. :D There's only a small $20 fee... just kidding.

Here are my eight questions to all of you who are taking this tag:
1. Chocolate or vanilla?
2.What is the ugliest animal you've ever seen?
3. What is the weirdest color you would ever want to dye your hair?
4. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. Do you have a hope chest? If so, what do you keep in it?
(optional question: If you don't have a hope chest, do you want one?)
6. What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?
7. Who is the cutest baby you ever saw?
8. Do you like to babysit?

Happy tagging!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Amanda said...

Awesome post! Thanks for doing the tag!

Bethany said...

I've never tasted brussel sprouts and I don't plan on doing it either. ;)

~~very interesting post~~


~Lauren~ said...

Congrats on winning my giveaway Abby! But if you don't let me know what 3 colors you want for your bracelet by September 10th, I'll have to re-draw the 3rd place winner. If you need the color choices, e-mail me @ or leave a comment on my blog.