Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is a version of Cinderella I wrote about two or three years ago. Enjoy!

Kelly never knew her mother, and her father remarried after her mother died. He married a cruel, hard-hearted woman. Soon after that, her father died. Kelly was only eight years old. She continued to live with her stepmother, along with her brother Andrew and twin stepsisters Raisin and Prune. Kelly’s stepmother made her do chores that were hard even for boys older than she, but Kelly did them without complaining. Andrew and her stepsisters were care-free and sometimes mean. But that didn’t stop Kelly from having a cheerful attitude.

Kelly, a basket on her arm, opened the gate and skipped down the path to the cottage. It was a very beautiful day. She opened the door and stepped in, closing the cottage door carefully behind her. “Kelly, is that you?” A cruel voice came from the parlor. “Yes, ma’am, it’s me.” Kelly said, kicking off her shoes. “It’s about time you got here!” The voice said. Kelly heard footsteps. Then a woman appeared in the parlor doorway. She was skinny, tall, and well-dressed, her dark brown hair done up in a bun, with a sharp nose and thin lips. Her gray-blue eyes were narrowed, making them look thinner than they were.  “You’ve been gone much too long, Kelly.” She said. “That was ten more minutes than you were allowed. Let me think of a punishment. Ah, I’ve got just the one. No dinner for you.” Kelly gasped. “But, Madam…I… I haven’t had any breakfast or lunch,” She said, distressed. “Well, you’ve been extra bad today. By the way, I will tell you your chores.” Kelly’s stepmother said. Kelly sighed as she listened to yet another list of chores. Kelly was a thin, eleven-year-old girl with pale skin, brown eyes, and red lips. She had long, black hair, which was usually tied up with a big red ribbon. She had only one outfit, which was a short dingy blue dress. “Now, go start dinner. I’m hungry. Then call your brother and sisters in from the yard.” Mistress said. Kelly sighed, and then walked slowly into the kitchen. Her little brother’s name was Andrew. He was ten. Her twin stepsister’s names were Raisin and Prune. They were both nine. Kelly started on dinner. She made chicken and rice casserole. After the table was set, she called the twins and Andrew in from the backyard. "Do we have to?" The twins said together. “Yes.” Kelly replied. They walked, slowly and sulkily, into the house. Andrew, who had been climbing a tree, jumped down, and, in the process, ripped a hole in his pants. “Andrew!” Kelly cried. “Sorry.” Andrew said meekly. “That’s okay.” Kelly said, somewhat regretfully. She was thinking of all the other pairs of pants to mend. She would just have to mend another pair. Andrew skipped inside to join his sisters. Kelly, thinking of one more pair of pants to mend, sighed heavily. Today is a day for sighing, Kelly thought, and sighed again.

After dinner, Kelly washed the dishes. Then she went to her room and thought about her day. A little after midnight, she went to sleep, exhausted.

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