Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Award!

Here's a sweet blog award from Anna. Thank you Anna!

I award:

And for anyone I might have missed, I award you too!

By the way, I'm thinking about getting a blog makeover, so if you know anyone who does them for free, please tell me. Thanks!

Grace be with you,

Abby :D


Ashley Jean said...

I have been trying to find someone that does free blog makeovers too :) if you find some one please tell me, PLEASE.

Guinevere said...

Abby- no, there's no need to leave your email. Just fill the questions out in a post, then link up!
P.S. I hope you win one of the makeover prizes! :D
P.P.S. Nana@ The Boutique Window ( does free ones, but she's full up 'till October. :(

Erin said...

I'm not sure about professionals who do it for free, but there are some neat templates and designs at as well as

Have fun redesigning!

Marelle said...

aw thanks for awarding me:)